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Programs and Services


The scheduling of Enaahtig Healing Lodge and Learning Centre programs and services is based on calendar quarters that coincide with the natural rhythm of the four seasons. The scheduling and nature of activities within quarters will be similar for the most part, but will reflect some differences determined by the seasons and their traditional associations (see below). For example, during the summer, a special emphasis will be placed on programs for children and youth as reflected in a special one-week residential program for them, weekend retreats and increased youth activities (see below). Quarters will begin and end on the solstices and equinoxes.

Spring Quarter: Outdoor activities will include maple sugaring, crop planting, fasting, harvesting of medicines and appropriate recreational activities. The primary themes are the renewal of life and the mental aspect of our being.

Summer Quarter: Outdoor activities will include weeding the garden, some harvesting of crops and medicines, fasting and appropriate recreational activities. The primary themes are growth, maturation and the physical aspect of our being.

Fall Quarter: Outdoor activities will include harvesting crops and medicines, fasting and appropriate recreational activities. The primary themes are caregiving, personal reflection and introspection and the emotional aspect of our being.

Winter Quarter: Expanded emphasis on cultural and spiritual teachings. Outdoor activity will likely be restricted to winter recreation and the primary themes are wisdom, storytelling and the spiritual aspect of our being.


Enaahtig was created to address the healing and wellness needs of our community members, however we do not function as a crisis or detox centre. Should you or someone you know require those services, please refer to the list of other support services in our region.

- Barrie Detox Centre

- Kids Helpline

- RAAM Clinics

- Suicide Prevention

- Telehealth 

Miikanaake Justice Program


Miikanaake Court Diversion Program

The Miikanaake Court diversion Program provides court diversion for Indigenous youth and adults who are pre or post charge. Common diverted charges include: assault, domestic violence and theft.  The Court Diversion Program uses Indigenous teachings and holistic approaches to support rehabilitation. This program implements a range of restorative processes to reduce future contact with the criminal justice system.

Clients involved in the program work with a Justice Worker and voluntarily agree to carry out a comprehensive plan that seeks to restore balance. This plan includes transitioning clients into culturally appropriate supports, such as counselling, traditional healing, justice circles and other programs offered at Enaahitg and rehabilitation services in the community.


Eligibility for this program is assessed on a case-by-case basis. Clients must consent to being diverted and attend all recommended programming. Clients must agree to take full responsibility for their actions.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, group actives will be held virtually for the time being.

Indigenous Youth Attendance and Reintegration Program

The Attendance Program is for Indigenous youth ages 12-17 years old. Youth must currently be on a probation order. The Attendance Program provides counselling and support to help reduce the risk of future involvement in the youth criminal justice system.  This program works in partnership with Probation Officers and can provide support to youth in office, at the youth's school or in the community.

Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin - I'm a Kind Man Program

The Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin program engages men and youth within Indigenous communities to speak out against all forms of violence towards Indigenous women.  The program provides both individual and group support to men and youth towards identifying their role as survivor or perpetrator in relationships of abuse, and create a foundation for awareness and healing. The primary goals of the program are to:

  • Re-establish traditional roles of Indigenous males.

  • Reconnect and nurture cultural methods of healing.

  • Re-establish traditional teachings and responsibilities.

  • Inspire men to engage other men to get involved and stop abuse.

  • Support Indigenous males who choose not to use violence.

Reintegration Planning

Gladue Aftercare


Initial Contact Package (ICP)

Learn More About Miikanaake Justice Programs



Enaahtig Outreach offers a range of support services to Indigenous individuals and their families. Services are available in office at home or in the community. Service providers will travel to the individual at a suitable location that works best for them.

Services provided include:

  • Individual mental health and/or addictions counselling

  • Systems navigation and referrals to community programs and services

  • Screening and assessment

  • Homelessness support

  • Opioid addiction management

The Enaahtig Community Mental Health Program provides mental health treatment, care and support to community members as close to home as possible in partnership with other Indigenous and non-Indigenous service providers (Shared Care).


We employ an Indigenous culture based approach built upon Indigenous best practices. Some of the types of services offered are:


  • Family Consultation

  • Child and Youth Mental Health and Addictions Case Management

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • Community Clinical Consultation

  • Frontline Worker Peer Support

  • Intensive and non-intensive Case Management

  • Community capacity building, training, service system liaison and networking

  • Screening and Comprehensive Assessments

  • Care Planning and Referrals 

We also support 

  • Families affected by mental health challenges.

  • Persons affected by Concurrent Disorders (a number of different mental health challenges at the same time; i.e. someone affected by a mental illness and a substance abuse problem).

  • Children, youth and adults needing aftercare.



Values underlining the Program are:

  • Cultural appropriateness

  • Respect for client choices and autonomy

  • Indigenous best practices

  • Shared Care

  • Strengths based assessments and intervention

  • Service integration and streamlined administration

  • Community based

  • Client satisfaction

  • Ongoing evaluation and research


Initial Contact Package (ICP)

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Community Mental Health
North Heaing Lodge



Enaahtig's North Lodge is located by the French River and offers three distinct residential programs.

Programming suitability will be determined on a case by case basis; however, we recommend that you attend the Indigenous Adult Residential Program prior to both the Indigenous Residential Trauma Program and Indigenous Family Residential Program.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to alter program dates to work around the restrictions. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some delays and a waitlist being created. We are doing our best to provide opportunities for healing and reduce wait times.

Seasonal Programs


Late Fall/Early Winter

The Indigenous One Week Adult Wellness Residential Program is for individuals who are just beginning their path of healing from trauma and adverse experiences. The program offers various cultural activities and teachings within a group. The program opens the door to individuals to a better understanding of how trauma has affected their lives and guide them to begin a healthy healing journey by helping them recognize their strengths and resiliencies. Our program introduces healthy healing skills.


Program Temporarily post-poned due to COVID related staffing shortages. We understand the difficulty and disappointment as a result, however we do encourage you to participate in the Indigenous One Week Adult Residential or Family Residential programs as needed.

The Indigenous 14 day Residential Trauma Program is for individuals who have been impacted by Trauma and Adverse experiences. The program offers various Cultural healing approaches, activities and teachings within a group. It allows individuals to safely process past trauma with support staff within a group. It offers individuals opportunities to better understand how trauma has impacted their lives while recognizing their strengths and resiliency. Our Program provides an environment to learn about the effects of trauma and learn Healthy Coping Skills, Effective Healing Skills and Self-Care exercises.


The Indigenous Family Residential Program is a 21 day program designed to provide families a safe environment to strengthen relationships, foster healthy communication and share positive experiences together.

Families will participate in a variety of activities, including restoring family relationships, family preservation and skills to ensure safer and healthy homes.

Families will learn about traditional parenting practices, attachment, relationship building. Families will also experience cultural and land based activities.

Additional Programming as requested

- Vicarious Trauma

- Sexual Abuse Trauma

- Life Skills/Parenting


Initial Contact Package (ICP)

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Indigenous Youth Healing


The Central Lodge has a 12-bed capacity. All programming is traditionally focused and guided by Indigenous psychology principles. Essential to the program is the integration of traditional, contemporary and equine assisted learning. This program is a place where youth can connect to culture and discover new learnings on ways to live a good life.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the youth lodge is operating at a 6-bed capacity, which reduces the program duration from a 13-week program to a 7-week inclusive program. The content remains the same; however, with reduced capacity the timeframe has been adapted.

Residential Programming

  • 60/90-day programming (49-day COVID adapted program)

  • Co-ed

  • Onsite classroom

  • Equine Assisted Learning

  • Onsite therapeutic team

  • All staff are trained in Trauma Informed Care

Non-Residential Programming

Seasonal Ceremonies                     Planting Ceremony

Harvest Ceremony                          Sweet Water Ceremony

Horse Ceremony                             Roundance

Fasting Ceremony                           Sweat Lodge

Feast for the Ancestors


Initial Contact Package (ICP)

Youth Program Overview

Learn More About Youth Wellness Programs
(Ages 13 to 18)

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