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Vision Statement

Enaahtig Healing Lodge and Learning Centre embraces Indigenous ancestral ways of well-being to support balanced communities and Nations for present and future generations through inclusive services with a focus on holistic healing, wellness, and Indigenous culture.


  • To establish and operate a healing and Iearning centre for Indigenous People

  • To promote traditional Indigenous values and beliefs so as to encourage and foster the healing, rebuilding and strengthening of Indigenous communities.

  • To promote the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being of Indigenous individuals, families and communities.

  • To provide programs and activities responding to the social, cultural, educational and language needs of Indigenous communities.

  • To provide opportunities for individuals and families to re-connect with the natural world through land based cultural activities.

Elder Advisory Circle

Faith Pegahmagabow – Wasauksing First Nation

Bruce Elijah – Oneida of the Thames

Jan Longboat – Six Nations of the Grand River

Edna Manitowabi – Wikwemikong

Dr. Ed Connors – Kahnawake First Nation

Kevin Deer – Kahnawake First Nation

Jean Aquash – Walpole Island First Nation

Norman Aguonie – Sheguiandah First Nation

Gertie Beaucage – Nipissing First Nation

Peter Beaucage – Nipissing First Nation

Boshk Aguonia – Sheguiandah First Nation

Hector Copegog - Beausoliel First Nation 


Enaahtig DVD Excerpt: Teaching on the Lifecycle Wheel

Enaahtig DVD: Full length video (28 minutes)

More About

More About

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