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If you are wanting to submit a general application please submit resume and cover letter to

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at Enaahtig 

Exciting Career Opportunties

Are you looking for a career opportunity within an Indigenous Healing and Wellness Environment? In passing the torch to a new generation, Enaahtig has openings for two management positions. Each of them are located on spectacular rural properties featuring land and culture based residential programs.

These are established programs with experienced, dedicated teams who continually strive to meet the healing and wellness needs of our Indigenous Communities. The seven bed Youth Trauma Treatment Centre, a 7-week program, is located in Victoria Harbour on 112 acres of fields and forests. Utilizing equine assisted learning, land-based activities and cultural ceremonies, this program addresses mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing needs of our youth ages 13-18.

The North Lodge is located at the French River, on a 22 acre, 19 bed, multi-cabin Riverfront facility. This site offers short term residential programming (1-2 weeks) including adult wellness, trauma treatment and design specific programs for families. These programs strive to meet the variety of needs of our Indigenous families and community members.


This is a career opportunity utilizing a participatory management style that is indicative of Indigenous approaches to leadership. The views, expertise and voices of your team mates foster a well balanced approach to program designs and development. These leadership positions require commitment, patience, great conflict resolution skills as well as an understanding of the healing and wellness movement and ministerial guidelines as they pertain to residential programming.

We are looking for dynamic, experienced well rounded individuals who can foster an environment productive to wellness both within the staff and the clients.

As a non profit charitable Indigenous organization with core funding, Enaahtig is proud to offer:

  • Annualized Salaries

  • 3 weeks paid vacation plus 4% vacation pay

  • 5% contribution to Group RRSP

  • 2 weeks paid management leave

  • 3 weeks paid sick time

  • 1 week cultural leave

  • Bereavement leave

  • Group health benefit package

  • (including dental, vision, prescriptions and various others)

  • Relocation support

  • Employment Assistance Program

  • Personal/Professional/Cultural training opportunities

These are just some of the ways that Enaahtig seeks to support the health and wellness of our Team, along with a health promoting corporate environment with traditional values at our core. If you are interested in applying, email

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