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Do you take volunteers at your facility?

Hi Lorraine

Yes we do and there is application form.

Can you call me next week and we discuss further.




Hi, I was wondering if you offer individuals the opportunity to enter a sweat lodge? Thanks,

Hi Jordan

Yes we do offer sweats.

You will need to contact Don Petahtegoose at 705-534-3724 ext 256.



I am looking for your referral/intake package to bring to a client. Where would I find it on this website and if it is not available could one be emailed to me?

Hi Nicole

Our referral package is available through our location tab. Scroll to the bottom and should be able to download.

I can also email or fax you a copy.

Let me know.

Wendy Clark

Administrative Assistant

If you have a question regarding program intake, please contact the Intake Coordinator.

Wayne Wabie, Intake Coordinator at 705-534-3724 ext. 230 or email him at