Mental Health Programs

The Enaahtig Community Mental Health Program provides mental health treatment, care and support to community members as close to home as possible in partnership with other Aboriginal and non-aboriginal service providers (Shared Care).

We employ an Aboriginal culture based approach built upon Aboriginal best practices. Some of the types of services offered are:

  • Family Consultation.
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy.
  • Community Clinical Consultation.
  • Frontline Worker Peer Support.
  • Intensive and non-intensive Case Management.
  • Community capacity building, training, service system liaison and networking.
  • Screening and Assessment, Comprehensive Assessments, Care Planning and Referral

We also offer specialized services for:

  • Families affected by mental health challenges.
  • Persons affected by Concurrent Disorders (a number of different mental health challenges at the same time; i.e. someone affected by a mental illness and a substance abuse problem).
  • Children, youth and adults needing aftercare.

We are NOT a crisis service.

Values underlining the Program are:

  • Cultural appropriateness.
  • Respect for client choices and autonomy.
  • Aboriginal best practices.
  • Shared Care.
  • Strengths based assessments and intervention.
  • Service integration and streamlined administration.
  • Community based.
  • Client satisfaction.
  • Ongoing evaluation and research.