Enaahtig Healing Lodge and Learning Centre Services and Programs


Enaahtig Indigenous Youth Wellness Lodge

Location: 4184 Vasey Rd

Victoria Harbour, Ontario

The Central Lodge has a 12-bed capacity. All programming is traditionally focused and guided by Indigenous psychology principles. Essential to the program is the integration of traditional, contemporary and equine therapy skills and practices. This program is a place where youth can connect to culture and discover new learnings on ways to live a good life.

  • 90-day program
  • Co-ed
  • Onsite classroom
  • Equine assisted Therapy
  • Onsite therapeutic team
  • All staff are trained in Trauma informed care

Non-Residential programming

  • Seasonal Ceremonies:
  • Planting Ceremony
  • Harvest Ceremony
  • Sweet Water Ceremony
  • Horse Ceremony
  • Roundance

Contact Intake Coordinator for more information, contact intakecoordinator@enaahtig.ca

705.330.4059 ext:130


Enaahtig Healing Lodge North

Indigenous Trauma and Recovery Program 

This program is for adults 18 years or older.  The lodge is located in Alban on the beautiful French River.  It utilizes various healing approaches grounded in culture. Allowing individual to safely process past trauma with support staff.  As a result, the individual gains opportunities to better understand how trauma has impacted their lives while recognizing their strengths and resiliency.

  • Trauma Recovery Adult Residential (21 days x 5 per year) CO-ED                         


Enaahtig Healing Lodge North

Indigenous Family Healing Program 

The Indigenous Family Healing Program is a 21-day intensive

Family Wellness Healing Residential Program (4-5 families 28 days x 5 per year)      

This program is designed to strengthen relationships, foster healthy communications and share positive experiences together. Families will participate in a variety of activities while attending this program, including but not limited too.

  • Restoring family relationships
  • Family preservation
  • Building skills to contribute to safe and healthy homes.
  • Learning about traditional parenting practices
  • Attachment relationships building
  • Cultural and land-based activities

*Children accompanying an adult must be under the age of 18. All participants over the age of 18 must complete an intake package.

For more information, call the Intake Coordinator at 705.698.1577,  705.857.3818 ext. 2 or email at intakenorth@enaahtig.ca


Enaahtig Healing Lodge North

Indigenous Trauma Informed Training for Frontline Workers program

The Indigenous Trauma Informed Training for Frontline Workers program is designed to support staff in health, education, child welfare, employment, justice and helper roles. This culturally based training provides information on developmental trauma and how it can influence clients and their ability to respond. It will further inform helpers to effectively and compassionately support clients with complex trauma. Working closely with complex clients and/or those affected by PTSD can lead to compassion fatigue and burnout. Through storytelling and open dialogue, frontline workers learn how to provide effective support to Indigenous clientele while keeping balanced. Training content covered includes:

  • Indigenous-based understanding of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Knowledge of historical trauma
  • Concepts of stress, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue
  • Effective Healing and self-care exercises

*Trauma training occurs in a group format.

For more information, call The Intake Coordinator at  705.698.1577, 705.857.3818 ext 2 or intakenorth@enaahtig.ca



Enaahtig Miikanaake

Justice Program

The Miikanaake Court Diversion Program provides court diversion for Indigenous youth and adults who are pre or post charge. Common diverted charges include: Assault, domestic violence and theft. The Court Diversion Program uses:

  • Indigenous teachings and holistic approaches to support rehabilitation. This program implements a range of restorative processes to reduce future contact with the criminal justice system.
  • Clients involved in the program work with a Justice Worker and Voluntarily agree to carry out a comprehensive plan that seeks to restore balance,
  • Plans can include transitioning clients into culturally appropriate supports, such as counselling, traditional healing, justice circles and other programs offered at Enaahtig and rehabilitation services in the community.

*Eligibility for this program is assessed by a case by case basis. Clients must consent to being diverted and attend all recommended programming. Clients must agree to take full responsibility for their actions