Enaahtig North Healing Lodge Programming

  •  Currently all our residental programs are being restructured and we do not have a current schedule as of yet .Please keep checking back 
  • One week residential program for front line workers for vicarious trauma and lateral violence recovery.
  • Ongoing community cultural ceremonies and teachings as requested.


  • Admission is based upon the individual clinical assessment by Enaahtig North Healing Lodge Intake Team.

Admission Criteria:

  • Indigenous male or female.
  • 18 years of age or over for adult programs.
  • Survivor of sexual/multiple abuse.
  • Alcohol and street drug free for a reasonable time (minimum 30 days).

People eligible for services - Priority is given to Status, Non-Status First Nation, Metis, and Inuit Individuals.

Communities Served:

Our service area is the Northern East Region of Ontario. The primary service area includes the rural and urban areas West to Sudbury, Manitoulin Island, Thunder Bay & Kenora, North to James Bay and Timmins, South to Parry Sound and East to Ottawa and all areas in between.

Applicants from other areas will be considered, but our first priority is to applicants from the identified catchment areas.

Our goal is to assist and support individuals on their healing journey and ensure that the generational cycle of abuse is brought to an end.

Prayer for Wellness Oh great spirit, grandfather, grandmother, spirit of the East, shine the light of new days on our lives to open our eyes to what we cannot see in the darkness of Dysfunction.

Spirit of the South, tie us to all the peoples who walk this sacred path to the spirit within us, our source of life and support.

Spirit of the West, help us with the power of the thunder beings, to admit the pain that has led us to shut out your wisdom.

Spirit of the North, open our eyes to the memories of our ancestors to the ways of relating in traditional harmony. Help us accept our history that we may be wise. Help us to use our memories to revive our ways. Help us to use our vision to see new paths clearly. Help us to accept our spirits are our strength. To stand with feet firmly planted on Mother Earth, to speak only which comes from truth and be proud to health with dignity.