4184 Vasey Road
Victoria Harbour, Ontario, L0K 2A0

Enaahtig Healing Lodge & Learning Centre


Please find the following email addresses and voice mail extension numbers for all Enaahtig Central staff. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a message in the general mailbox at ext 0. free to contact the central lodge at (705) 534-3724 ext 221 or via fax at (705) 534-4991.

Title Ext. Email
Wendy Clark, Administrative Assistant ext. 221 EMAIL
Dan Doctor, Program Operations Manager ext. 224 EMAIL
Brad Andrews, Lead Facilitator  ext. 225 EMAIL
Nena La Caille, Executive Director ext. 226 EMAIL
Hanna Bukowski, Finance Manager  ext. 228 EMAIL
Sheri Jennett-Wirsching, Finance Bookkeeper  ext. 229 EMAIL
Amy Taylor Intake Coordinator  ext. 230 EMAIL
Kizhaay Anishnaabe Worker  ext. 232 EMAIL
Tom Leonard, Maintenance Worker      ext. 251 EMAIL
Racheal Whitman, Cook  ext. 253 EMAIL
Bud Elliott, Overnight ext. 254  EMAIL
Donald Petahtegoose, Traditional Counsellor  ext. 256 EMAIL
Sarah Toner, Youth Program Worker  ext. 257 EMAIL
Tammy Marr, Finance Assist ext. 242  EMAIL
Kirstie Henderson, Mental Health Youth Case Manager  ext. 264 EMAIL
Danielle Cousineau, Finance Payroll Clerk  ext. 265 EMAIL
Yvonne Brunelle, Trauma & Addictions Therapist   ext. 243 EMAIL
Tamari Thompson-Kraft, Trauma & Addictions Counsellor ext. 240 EMAIL
Sarah Cunningham, Relief Worker ext. 266