Staff Contact Information

Please find the following email addresses and voicemail extension numbers for all Enaahtig Central staff. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a message in the general mailbox at ext 0. free to contact the central lodge at (705) 534-3724 ext 221 or via fax at (705) 534-4991

                                                                         CENTRAL LODGE    
Wendy Clark, Administrative Assistant ext. 221 EMAIL
Dan Doctor, Program Operations Manager ext. 224 EMAIL
Brad Andrews, Lead Facilitator ext. 225 EMAIL
Nena La Caille, Executive Director ext. 226 EMAIL
Hanna Bukowski, Finance Manager ext. 228 EMAIL
Brenda Lucas, Finance Bookkeeper ext. 229 EMAIL
Amy Taylor, Intake Coordinator ext. 230 EMAIL
Dave Patton, Transportation Coordinator ext. 231 EMAIL
Jenna Harney, Cognitive Behavourial Therapist ext. 232 EMAIL
Karen Dowan, Trauma Counsellor ext. 233 EMAIL
Tamari Thompson-Kraft, Cognitive Behavourial Therapist ext. 240 EMAIL
Tammy Marr, Finance Assistant ext. 242 EMAIL
Yvonne Brunelle, Trauma & Addictions Therapist ext. 243 EMAIL
Tom Leonard, Maintenance Worker ext. 251 EMAIL
Racheal Whitman, Cook ext. 253 EMAIL
Colleen Courriere, Youth Healing Lodge Program Manager ext. 254 EMAIL
Don Petahtegoose, Traditional Life Mentor  ext. 256 EMAIL
Sarah Toner, Youth Worker ext. 257 EMAIL
Chenoa La Caille, Mental Health Youth Case Manager ext. 264 EMAIL
Danielle Cousineau, Finance Payroll Clerk ext. 265 EMAIL
Brenda Ballantine, Housekeeper ext. 267 EMAIL
                                                                              NORTH LODGE    
Marilyn Kerr, Program Manager   EMAIL
Brenda Swan, Intake Coordinator   EMAIL
Vera Coulombe, Lead Program Facilitator   EMAIL
Laurette Rochon, Cook   EMAIL
Wendy Prince, Trauma/Family Therapist   EMAIL
Kari Woolridge, Program Suport Worker    
Carrie Kenny, Client Support Worker    
Tammy Chevrette, Program Support Worker    
Denis Nadon, Grounds Maintenance    
Allan Cartier, Transportation Coordinator/Mainteance    
                                                                            OUTREACH OFFICE    
Crystal Doolittle, Mental Health Program Coordinator   EMAIL
Steve Beaupre, Concurrent Disorders Case Manger    
Amy Taylor, Intake/Ocan Coordinator    
Amelia Gilbert, Concurrent Disorders Case Manager    
Cathy Shawongonabe, Family Mental Health Case Manager    
Jenna Indoe, Child/Youth Mental Health Addictions Worker    
Sally White, Child/Youth Mental Health Addictions Worker     
Cassidy Havill, Child/Youth Mental Health Addictions Worker    
Tammy Hill, Child/Youth Mental Health Addictions Worker    
Angela Duckworth, Child/Youth Mental Health Addictions Worker    
Christine Blondin, Child/Youth Mental Health Addictions Worker    
Travis Scott, Release from Custody Worker    
Jamie Batisse, Release from Custody Worker    
                                                                        JUSTICE OFFICE    
Shawn Cadieux, Justice Reintegration Worker    
Paula Copegog, Justice Case Manager    
Deborah Marsden, Justice Attendance Worker    
Stephanie Walker, Justice Data Analyst Researcher    
Matt Herron, Kizhaay Anishinaabe Worker    


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