The Enaahtig Healing Lodge and Learning Centre was established in the fall of 1995, with an official opening on January 24, 1997. Enaahtig grew out of a community vision to develop a place where the healing and wellness needs of the Aboriginal community could be addressed in a holistic culturally appropriate setting, utilizing a combination of western and Traditional methodology.

Through a needs assessment entitled "Towards a Valued Lifestyle" produced by the Barrie Area Native Advisory Circle, 1991, the community vision was developed into one of the Province's first Aboriginal Healing Lodges. Funded through the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy, Enaahtig developed a program model that would not only respond to individual needs, but also address the needs of the family as a whole.

In the past ten years of operation, Enaahtig has provided services to hundreds of individuals and families through a combination of residential and day programming. The program model is based upon the seasons and a four quarter cycle. In each cycle there are 13 weeks divided into six, one week long residential programs, as well as six weeks of day programming. In order to complete a residential program, participants are expected to complete several residential weeks. ideally one week in each session.

All components of Enaahtig's program are designed. developed and delivered by trained Aboriginal Professionals with input from Enaahtig's Elder's Advisory Circle to ensure appropriate cultural content. A range of activities and healing approaches are utilized to provide services to meet the identified needs of the target group.

Some of the methods utilized are; support/healing circles, group therapy. workshop/seminars, life skills training, family and individual counselling, as well as preventative children and youth programs designed to assist in development and nearly interventions. Traditional teaching and healing techniques such as sweat lodges, fasting, vision questing. various ceremonies and hands on teaching approaches are an integral component to Enaahtig's programs and services.

One of the fundamental approaches to healing is the utilization of the natural surroundings. The ability to create an atmosphere of seclusion and solitude necessary for self-reflection coupled with the life and living skills afforded in the farm setting combine to create a balanced approached.


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